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Opera: Is it Relevant?

Dialogue for June 25th 7-9 PM Directions below Greetings all- Sorry this is up a bit later than I had hoped, but I have a fair excuse. We did finally get to meet our new baby girl, Jane, who arrived on Sunday June 1st. So there has been little sleep in our world. Ann, Jane and big brother Colin are all doing well. So here are the materials for our discussion on THE RELEVANCE OF OPERA IN THE MODERN AGE. Don't get overwhelmed- I know it looks like a lot, but the articles are short and I hope the viewing/listening will be fun and at least a little compelling. I was originally planning on having a playlist right on the blog, but I decided that since opera is as much a visual medium as it is aural, that it would be better to use the joy of youtube. Here is what I propose we all do to be prepared: 1. Read the articles. Like I said, they are all 1-2 pagers. Shouldn't be a major time drain. 2. Watch the playlist on Youtube. It is comprised of 14 excerpts, about 1'15'' minut