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Think Again, February 21: Good Grief! The Nature of Lost and Found

Dialogue Leaders: Mark and Lorene de St. Aubin Mark de St. Aubin works as an associate professor/lecturer at the College of Social Work at the University of Utah. He teaches a class to graduate students on Grief and Loss, which is always well received by the students because of his interactive approach to teaching. Mark also has a private practice dealing with those who have complicated grief issues. He has also spent many years studying and practicing meditation and mindfulness. Lorene de St. Aubin has worked as a Chaplain in a hospital setting as well as in hospice. She received her training in Clinical Pastoral Education from St. Mark's Hospital. Lorene is also an accomplished artist and custom typographer. Both Mark and Lorene are also talented musicians, gardeners, and know how to live artfully. (Can I just say these two are dear friends of mine and some of the deepest, most thoughtful--and thought provoking, genuine people I know. And they know this subject wel