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May 26, 2009: The Future of Marriage

There are a number of ways in which marriage is changing, but the most political marriage question of our day is clearly gay marriage. In the United States, the legal questions regarding gay marriage are being debated and decided at the state level, which means that each of us will soon (if you have not already) have the democratic opportunity to support or oppose a proposed policy on gay marriage. In our dialogue this month, we challenge ourselves to explore gay marriage policy options with the hope that each person will feel better equipped to form an informed, personal opinion about public policy on gay marriage. Our readings come from two thinkers with opposing perspectives on the issue, but a joint agreement on a policy proposal. We will read the introductions to each of their books, and the Op-Ed they wrote together for the New York Times. Everyone is encouraged to do some of his or her own research on various gay marriage policies around the county and the world in order to enr