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August 3, 2010: Guns

This pinch-hit topic has come up a number of times over the last couple of years. Some people have asked "Do guns make us safer?" and "What is the fascination with guns?" On Tuesday we will explore these and other questions. Jay Griffith and Tiffany and Mitch Spence will lead the discussion. Jay has arranged for his brother-in-law, Tony Latham, a retired Fish and Game Officer and 19-year firearms instructor to join by phone to contribute to the discussion. Prep Materials : Listen to a 45-minute interview with Dan Baum , a writer and Liberal Democrat who is the author of an article in this month's Harper's Magazine called "Happiness is a Worn Gun" about his love of guns and his life as an atypical carrier of a concealed weapons permit. Read "Do Guns Save Lives?", a short Time article from 1989 that succinctly captures some of the key points of the debate. OPTIONALLY, you could do some quick wiki reading on the 2nd Amendment and gun po
Friends, this is Carri. My apologies, but I have the topic in August and I will not be able to attend because of work. I need someone to fill in. We could come up with a new topic, or switch with another that is upcoming. September's topic is " Depression in Utah " and Emily is the topic host. October is " Half-Baked and Happy " and I am the topic host (Carri). November is " The Creative Spark " and Tyler is the topic host. (December we do not have a topic. Instead we mix, mingle, and discuss topics for 2011.) Tyler or Emily could trade with me for September or November, but then I would be hosting two months in a row and that is not fun for anyone. My preference is to take August's original topic - "Bowling Alone " about the breakdown of the American community - and do it in October instead of "Half-Baked and Happy." That would mean some brave soul could prepare an entirely new topic for August 3. Any takers? Submit your