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10-26-17 | All Are Created Equal…Kind of | Romel Mackelprang

>Dialogue leader: Romel MackelprangDirector of Disability Studies at EWU
Mark & Elizabeth England's
1194 South 500 East in Salt Lake City. Late-comers, please use the back door.
Discussion: The culture wars in the US have brought people together to protest against racial and ethnic violence, xenophobic policies, violence against women, and LGBTQ rights. Perpetually lost in the battle for human rights are people who live with disabilities. Disability is almost universally seen as a tragedy or affliction. Hitler’s mass extermination of disabled Germans was labeled tough minded mercy, at Nuremberg. Today, prominent ethicist Peter Singer and others argue that it is morally justifiable to euthanize disabled infants. Social policies often prohibit disabled people from working. People with mental health disabilities such as depression are viewed with pity or as morally deficient. Yet, drawing strength from the civil rights and women’s rights movement, disabled people are rejecting soci…