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17 Jan 2014: Cultural Imperialism? A story about international aid.

When we give international aid do we impose our values and cultures on others to their benefit or detriment? What charities are truly beneficial in the help they offer? How can we know? We are fortunate to have someone experienced and studied in this arena lead our January dialogue: Zendina Mostert   Born and raised in Canada, Zendina started exploring cultural and development issues by taking a break from traditional university and traveling alone through Africa and parts of Asia.  She served a humanitarian mission for the LDS church in Ecuador, returning to school to finish a Bachelors in Anthropology and Masters of Sociology while conducting research with the Women’s Research Institute; collecting both qualitative and quantitative data on the impact of development programs in 78 villages of rural Mali.  She has worked with child welfare services in Salt Lake City, Utah advocating for children’s and parent’s needs in the courts and in the welfare system. As a Country