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8-17-17 | The Emmett Till Story: Lessons Learned, Lessons Forgotten | Devery Anderson

> Dialogue leader: Devery Anderson Editor at Signature Books Mark & Elizabeth England's 1194 South 500 East in Salt Lake City. Late-comers, please use the back door.   Discussion: The murder of fourteen-year-old Emmett Till in 1955, and the acquittal of his accused killers, helped launch the civil rights movement because it woke up the nation and the world to the racial atrocities of the American South. It was perhaps the most tragic and famous lynching in American history, which taught us many lessons. Or did it? What did we learn? What have we forgotten? How does this tragedy help us gauge how far we have come since?    About Devery: Devery S. Anderson is an editor at Signature Books in Salt Lake City and is the editor or co-editor of four books on Mormon history, two of which won the Steven F. Christensen Award for Best Documentary from the Mormon History Association in 2006. His book, Emmett Till: The Murder That Shocked the Wo