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August 4, 2009: What Determines Attraction?

One thing the world does not lack is experts on the nature of love. Ask five people what determines attraction and you'll get five theories based on all kinds of selective evidence and personal experience. But is attraction really so peculiar to each couple, or are there universals? Are there biological predispositions, or do environmental factors like timing, scarcity, and competition make all the difference? In our dialogue this month, we approach the topic from a scientific approach first. Emily Bates, our in-house geneticist, will be giving a 20-minute presentation on some scientific approaches to the question of attraction, and then facilitate the dialogue the remainder of the time. Please add some comments in advance of the discussion regarding your interest in the topic. What questions would you like to discuss? Have you read anything that you think illuminates this topic? What would you like to get out of the dialogue on August 4? Please feel free to contact Emily direct