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March 31, 2009: It's Time to Talk About Sex

March 31 2009 Topic Sexual Responsibility:How Are Individuals and Society Helped or Hurt by Personal Sexual Choices I'm excited for this discussion. I'd like for it to be open, frank, and thought-provoking. While morality can and should come up, I hope to avoid excessive moralizing and would rather use our time to identify and discuss the questions critical for helping each of us to develop our personal moral opinions about sex. The core questions of our discussion are: What does it mean to be sexually responsible? How are individuals and society helped by personal sexual choices? How are individuals and society hurt by personal sexual choices? Required Readings & Video:(4 short readings and 1 short video, all totaling about 45 minutes; all documents and video located online): 1. What Are the Major Issues Involved in Sexual Responsibility? These issues will form the foundation of our discussion. I have compiled a summary of some of the critical issues and questio