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2011 Topics Results!

12 votes: Wealth Redistribution (#15) 11 votes: National Debt and Deficit (#4) 9 votes: Manliness (#9) 8 votes: Labor (#8) 7 votes: Intersex (#2), Theology in religion (#5), Food (#16), Intelligence (#10), 6 votes: Child Choice (#3), Music Theory (#19), Paradox of sexual freedom (#18) Field Trip: Urban Design (d) (other votes pasted below) Since we have 12 topics, we will assign them all and not have a floating month this year. Please comment below if you are interested in hosting a topic. If you are not interested in hosting, but you are aware of some resources you could send to the topic host, please indicate that as well. Most of the topic hosts will end up being the person who suggested the topic, but if you are interested, even if you did not suggest the topic, feel free to volunteer. If more than one person is interested in hosting a topic, we'll work together to figure it out. The topic host's job is to thoughtfully select approximately one-hour's worth of prep

2011 Topics - CAST YOUR VOTE

Here they are. Leave a comment with your vote for your top 10. You should choose nine topics between 1 and 19, plus a field trip (20a. - 20l.) . Voting ends at 8:00 am Dec. 31. As usual, we will assign eleven topics and leave one month open for a current event or a runner-up. This year one of the months will be a field trip. 1) Legalized Marijuana in the U.S. Is its illegality having the same effects that prohibition had on alcohol--increased crime and crime prevention costs? And a look at the drug itself: Is marijuana really a "gateway drug"? Is it more/less dangerous to use than alcohol? 2) Intersex Some individuals are born with ambiguous female and male physical characteristics. Early 20th century doctors sometimes chose the gender without consent of the parents and performed an operation immediately. How do these individuals cope today? Are they attracted to both sexes as adults? 3) Child Choice What determines how many children people choose to have and how does th


Please help refine the potential topics for 2011 and then vote on them. Here's the schedule: Dec. 21 - 27: Refine Topics (or add new ones) Dec. 28 - 29: Vote on Topics Dec. 29 -31: Confirm Topic Hosts and assign topics to specific 2011 dates The topics as they were submitted or discussed in our December Think Again are below. The topics may seem a bit muddled because I took very rough notes during the conversation and tried to include those notes below. Hope it's not too confusing. Anyone can refine any idea, whether it was originally your idea or not. Just take the topic idea and shape it into something fairly narrow in scope (so it can be covered in a 2-hour session). Post your refined version as a comment. Any of these topics could be approached from different angles, so it's okay if one of the ideas gets "refined" more than once - it will just give us more choices for the vote. For simplicity sake, I recommend this format: TITLE 1 - 3 sentence description