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2009 Suggested Topics

Thanks to all who attended dialogue group this week. Great start to our conversation on Technology in the Developing World , and fantastic brainstorming for the 2009 topics. Please note that we have changed the date and time. Starting in January, we will meet from 7:30 - 9:30 pm on the last Tuesday of every month. The last 10 minutes of each meeting will be dedicated to a teaser on the next month's topic. The upcoming topic's host will have the assignments selected and ready to present. For January 27, we will continue the discussion on Technology in the Developing World , hosted by Tiffany Ivins. The remaining 11 months will be determined by popular vote from the 20 suggestions below. Keep in mind that the topic descriptions are rough - just enough to give the general gist. The topic host will refine the focus once the topics are chosen. Please list your TOP TEN choices in the comments by Monday, January 5 . 2009 SUGGESTED TOPICS 1) Comedy and Politics: How Spoo

Technology in the Developing World/Party Night

For our combined November/December dialogue, we'll have a shorter discussion so we can have time to pick topics for next year and generally make merry with each other over wassail and jingly bells. Come prepared with some ideas for topics you'd like to discuss next year. Wednesday, Dec. 10 7 - 9 pm Mitch and Tiffany's 4348 S Jupiter Dr (3760 E.) SLC, UT 84124 Tiffany Ivins will lead the mini-dialogue on Technology in the Developing World, but there is no assigned reading this time so you can bring anyone you think would want to join us. We'd like to spice up and diversify the group a little, so please bring friends!