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Is power derived from the expression of sexuality through pornography, plastic surgery etc a paradox?

This Miller Lite commercial would be viewed as a woman's right to express herself as a sexual being while others would argue by the very act of expressing herself in this way, we perpetuate a woman's place in society as simply a sexual tool for men and nothing more. Our culture has embraced a model of female sexuality that comes straight from pornography and strip clubs, in which the woman's job is to excite and titillate - to perform for men. According to Ariel Levy's "Female Chauvinist Pig", women have bought into this by altering their bodies surgically and cosmetically, and - more insidiously - by confusing sexual power with power, so that embracing this caricaturish form of sexuality becomes, in their minds, a perverse kind of feminism. Read these snipets of Female Chauvinist pig which argues this point.