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Thursday, May 18 | Challenging Our Implicit Biases

> Dialogue leader: Dr. David Parker Director, Center for Creating Community Mark & Elizabeth England's 1194 South 500 East in Salt Lake City. Late-comers, please use the back door.   Discussion: Implicit bias refers to an automatic association people may make about groups of people along with stereotypes about those groups. In some situations, the automatic associations may influence behavior which can result in a person responding in a biased way even when they are not explicitly prejudiced. Over a course of time this can erode the relationship between members of the various communities in which we are active. I n this interactive conversation, we will examine the influence of implicit bias on understanding and working with contemporary social justice issues as they manifest in our lives.    About David: Dr. Parker’s life's work is dedicated to creating and sustaining inclusive environments, which led him to create the Center fo