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Thursday, October 20 | Reloaded: Brain science: Myths, applications, and methods for better living

Thursday, October 20 , 7:30 pm  |  Dialogue leader: Kellie Yates Mark & Elizabeth England's home at 1194 South 500 East in Salt Lake City. Late-comers, please use the back door.   Discussion: Last month, we were set to have Kelly come but she suffered an accident on the way to our group. We've arranged a police escort this time around to ensure her safe arrival. While much progress has ben made in recent years regarding brain science and its application, myth and misunderstanding too often get in the way of truth.  In this discussion we will learn what has been discovered, why and how we can use neuroscience to increase understanding of ourselves and others, and other brain basics which can help maximize learning and retention. Topics for discussion include brain biology, diet, “tricks” for remembering things, keeping the brain active, and general brain health.  About Kellie: (as written by husband, Walter Yates.) Kellie learne