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July 7, 2011 - Manliness

In 2006 Harvey Mansfield wrote a book entitled "Manliness" where he defined the trait as "confidence and command in a situation of risk." Is that a good definition? If so, why do we associate being confident and commanding in risky situations with men? Should we? Does it matter whether these qualities are gender-specific? A couple of readings: Interview with Harvey Mansfield (National Review) Another Interview with Harvey Mansfield (Human Events) 7 Lessons in Manliness from the Greatest Generation (Art of Manliness Blog) Optional Debating Manliness A rather heady piece that shows Walt Whitman being criticized for being crudely manly, but lacking true manliness. An interesting piece that highlights the nuanced definition of manliness as something more refined than the arguably carnal, base instincts that come with being male.