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Forgiveness in the Aftermath of War

Topic Host: Carri Hulet The topic for this month concerns societal rebuilding after war, and focuses specifically on the subject of forgiveness. The topic of forgiveness in the context of the aftermath of war is both deeply personal, and highly political, and will be interesting to discuss in light of the current geopolitical climate around the world. The United States, our allies, and various ethnic and tribal groups have been engaged in a tremendously controversial war in Iraq for several years. A great deal of hatred has developed in the hearts of those who have suffered or been otherwise affected by the crisis. Our purpose here is not to debate whether this anger and hatred is justifiable (though that would be an interesting discussion, too); rather, it is to acknowledge that the hatred exists and anticipate that in the coming years it will be dealt with one way or another. The assigned reading, "Between Vengeance and Forgiveness," by Martha Minow is a piece that offers