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March 2, 2010: Divorce

Topic Host: Tyler Asman

In March we will be discussing the ins and outs of divorce (and consequently, of marriage, too). Some questions to explore include:

- When did the rising trend in rates of divorce begin, and why?
- Divorce may be more acceptable, but is a change in societal norms too simple an explanation?
- If we're so bad at staying married, why do we keep getting into it in the first place?
- What are the biggest contributors to divorce?
- How can divorce be avoided?
- How to marry well and do a good job staying married.

Please post a comment if you have any interesting resources you would like to share.

Or, if there is a particular angle/question you'd like explore, let's hear it!

Here are some background materials to review:
A very brief outline of an Austrian study - why divorce rates increased - quick stats - correlation of other factor (age, religion, education, …