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June 5: Multi-generational trauma as a precursor to addiction in communities

  A cultural-historical look at trauma in the LDS church and it’s influence on the Word of Wisdom, and the corresponding relationship to drug and alcohol addiction in Utah.  This secular dialogue is the first of two about substance abuse. June's Faith Again, to be held on the third Thursday this time, will follow up with a discussion on some of the spiritual solutions to addiction recovery within the context of faith, family, and community.     FRIDAY, June 5, 7:30 pm  |  Dialogue Leader: James Ott, LCSW Mark & Elizabeth England's home at 1194 South 500 East in Salt Lake City. Late-comers, please use the back door.  Discussion: The LDS Church has a history of trauma and transitions that has become part of it’s culture and identity as a whole. We will look at the historical and cultural perspectives and use on mood-altering substances, and it’s connection to trauma and transition. For Faith Again two weeks later, we will explore the impact a strong spiritua