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July 7, 2009: Aging Populations

This month we think about the implications of people living longer and having fewer children. Our readings come from The Atlantic and The Economist. Those of you who attended our first dialogue group in January, 2008, will recognize The Atlantic article, " No Country for Young Men ," by Megan McArdle, which has a focus on the aging population in the United States. The article is short, and a good introduction to the topic. The Economist piece is actually a comprehensive special report on aging from a global perspective. There are eight articles in the special report. Please choose two from the following list for your preparation. Aging in the rich world A shortage of babies Living longer Selling to older people Targeting pensions Work 'til you drop China's ageing predicament Coping with global greying You can also download the entire report as a PDF if you are interested in having all of the articles (you click the button that says "View PDF" under the