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Springville Museum Tour this Saturday

Hey everyone, The Salt Lake Gallery Association is organizing a bus trip to the Springville Museum of Art where the director, Vern Swanson, will provide a short introduction to the exhibits. Details: Saturday, May 2nd; Leaving at 11:45 am Returning to Salt Lake by 4:30 pm. Meet at the SDI parking lot right behind the Rio Grande Depot on 300 South and 500 West. The buses are already paid for by the SLGA and TRASA Urban Arts Collective. If you want to meet the group at the Springville Art Museum, show up at 1 PM. Tell them you're with the Gallery Association tour. Maybe drop the name "Cheryl." Although the permanent collection is available for viewing, we will focus on the 85th Spring Salon . This is a well-known juried exhibition for Utah artists which features all styles of artistic expression. There will also be an exhibit called Redrock, Sage and Pinon with an accompanying book by Drs. Vern G. Swanson and Donna Poulton, Painters of

April 28, 2009: Visual Arts - How to Feel the Love

Oh you who loved elementary school, this is your month. Time for a FIELD TRIP and SHOW & TELL, kiddos. The prep work for April's Think Again is to visit a visual arts museum or gallery. You can go somewhere on your own ( need ideas? ) or meet with other Think Again groupies at the UMFA at the University of Utah on SATURDAY, APRIL 25 at 1:30 pm for the half hour tour called Highlights of the Collection . Meet at the place where the tour starts at 1:20 pm. Call the museum at 801-581-7332 if you have any questions about the tour. Wherever you go, take a notebook on your visit and make notes on what you like and don't like. Try to articulate what draws you to certain pieces and what drives you away from others. If you are allowed to take photos, snap a few so you can share them with the group on Tuesday. At the actual dialogue on April 28, bring your thoughts to share from your museum/gallery visit and if you can, any visual examples of art you love or hate (doesn't hav

April's Topic

When we chose topics for 2009, we left April and September open so we could add one on the fly. Suggest a topic, or vote on someone else's suggestion by APRIL 10.