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October 11 - Intelligence

Facilitators: Mercedes White and Michael Carey Mainstream Science on Intelligence viewer?a=v&pid=explorer& chrome=true&srcid= 19eQWUFvfPF4gMNleXE752yv- 9fReNdXGW39xPu6YqR5q9xCCQEuzwn 9Crr8T&hl=en Intelligence and Educational Achievement viewer?a=v&pid=explorer& chrome=true&srcid= 17AsyXt30orKE5lXGlQ- MSqf72wHQ2jcW368h0nBESoM3XAWam gwV1tAzSZXp&hl=en "The Flynn Effect: people are getting smarter?" intell/flynneffect.shtml "The glory of God is intelligence" testament/dc/93.36?lang=eng#35 Questions: Is the development of intelligence a necessary part of spiritual growth? Do smart people deserve the fruits of their intelligence, or do they owe society something because of their luck? Is it more important to encourage the most intelligent among us, or to "close the achievement gap"? There are measurable