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Thursday, Nov 20, 7:30pm: The Goldilocks Zone of Network Embeddedness

Dialogue Leader: Dave Biesinger

Discussion: Many of history’s greatest innovations are the product of collaboration. It is no surprise, then, that the rise of internet connected technologies coincides with an unprecedented rate of innovation. People are sharing ideas more freely than ever before. Organic communities of thought and practice spring up daily. This very website and the community it supports is a perfect example of how network technologies are fostering human connection.
And these connections can be powerful. From forging novel industries, to the popularization of forgotten philosophies; information flows through our connected cultures like a river. Ideas from diverse spheres of influence ripple through the world largely uninhibited, and sometimes come crashing together to form poetic synthesis.
This month, we’ll take a look at network embeddedness, or the degree to which we are enmeshed in social circles. Embedded networks play a critical role in determining the ideas, oppo…