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October 6th, 2009: The Future of Education

Education includes such a broad spectrum of topics that it would be impossible to touch on all the changes and innovations happening in the field right now, but I've tried to pick 2 topic areas that are interesting to me. The first article by Paul Tough talks about early intervention, nonschool interventions, and then gives a brief introduction to the Harlem Children's Zone project, about which he recently wrote an entire book: 24/7 School Reform Somewhat related to that article is this article by David Whitman, about what he calls "The New Paternalism", talking about the success of schools that, along with traditional schooling, also enforce strict behavioral policies and require students to learn manners and treat one another respectfully: An Appeal to Authority Optional, but good and a very quick read: For some further information on these topics, here's a brief NYTimes article about the Harlem Children's Zone and paternalistic education: The Harlem Miracl