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April 19: Earth stewardship: Love the one you're with

In honor of Earth Day, our April discussion will focus on the earth. Jay Griffith is leading the discussion and has invited Professor George Handley (more below) to talk with us, as well.  Here are some thoughts, questions and readings from Jay. ******************** I grew up mostly in Oregon, a state where being environmentally responsible is part of the culture. And I grew up on the lower income side so it made sense to reuse, recycle, and live economically. Of course, these same values were shared with Utah's early settlers, but much of that legacy has sadly been forgotten or is now considered quaint and unnecessary.   My ultimate hope in leading this discussion is for us—especially me—to better appreciate and accept responsibility for living in, and with, this remarkable gem called earth. To care for this rare home, enjoy its gifts, and leave it in good condition for those to come. To better love the one I'm with. As with any discussion we will all benefit mo