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The Role of Theology & Symbol in Religion

Discussion Date: March 8th (Tuesday) 2011 Theology plays a critical role in every religion, at both the institutional and individual levels. How do different faith traditions and their adherents understand their theologies? How can these understandings be healthy or unhealthy? What are the pros and cons of orthodoxy? To what degree should theology be "flexible," and what do we mean by "flexible"? Part of my presentation would propose an understanding of theology as an inspired framework, as a touchstone that points us to deeper truths that connect us more closely to God. I'm concerned these days with "healthy" theology as well as the effects that "unhealthy" theology can have on people. My overriding concern is does theology help us become closer to God, or does it drive us away? What assumptions do we make about theology, and where do those assumptions lead us? Readings (and questions to ponder as you are reading them): What is the th