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2010 is looking good! Thanks for your participation suggesting topics and voting on them. We'll assign the top 10 or 11 topics to months in 2010 and get back to you soon with a schedule. Our next gathering is in two weeks - Tuesday, Jan. 5. F - 10 G - 10 Q - 9 C - 8 J - 7 N - 7 A - 6 I - 6 K - 6 U - 6 X - 6 D - 5 O - 5 M - 5 H - 4 P - 4 R - 4 B - 3 L - 3 S - 3 T - 3 W - 3 E - 1 V - 1 F) The Power of Humor How humor has been used to persuade, to disarm, and to heal. G) Bowling Alone Discussion of the breakdown of the American community, based primarily on Robert Putnam's work regarding social capital . Q) Is Doubt Necessary for Faith? A disturbing trend in our society is that of intelligent people who decide to abandon belief in religion and God. Too often the culprit of such decisions is that the faith communities of which they are a part do not look upon doubt as a virtue, leaving these people to feel as if the

Rock the Vote 2010

Topics, you ask? Why yes. 24 of them - in order of appearance. Impressive, folks. Thanks to those who submitted. There are some super ideas here. Post a comment. Vote for your favorites. Up to 10. Polls close Thursday at midnight. We'll assign the winners to a specific month next year and hope that whoever gets assigned to January 5th either has no life over the holidays or is uncommonly bright. A) Why Americans Like Divorce Almost as Much as We Like Marriage I'd like to talk about how we explain a nearly 50% failure rate in a multi-million dollar industry. Or simply explore the question: "Why divorce ?!" We've been warned, we know what we're getting into. Why do we keep failing at it? - Tyler Asman B) Why Rape? We have seen an increasing use of women's bodies as weapons of war. What is the perceived power in this? I want to explore religious, societal and historical belief of women, that allows and perpetuate

Topics for 2010

It's time to pick our topics for 2010! We're also looking for your opinion on changing the format. It has been suggested that we switch to more of a presentation/discussion format than a strict dialogue format. The presenter could be one of us or a guest speaker. She/He/They would give a 20 - 30 minute presentation and then there would be a group discussion. The topic hosts would still provide some advance readings so people could get up to speed before the discussion, but there would not be the same expectation to prepare as in the past. If you have an opinion on this, please let us know! To suggest a topic, p lease comment below . You can suggest as many topics as your little heart desires until Friday, December 11th . We'll put them up for a vote and take the top 10 ideas. We'll leave two months open in case some interesting current event comes up and we need to shift things around. If not, we'll fill in with the topics that came in 11th and 12th. Rem