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10 Dec 2013: Gratitude, Giving, and Wondering

Gratitude: This month we invite you to come and share what you are grateful for at this juncture in your life. We will start off with Mitch and Tiffany Spence sharing what they are grateful for as well as relating the history of this illustrious group called Think Again that they founded in Boston many years ago. Giving: 'Tis the season as they say. Tiffany's first LDS mission companion, Lalaine Calda, is from Leyte (in Tacloban District, which was hardest hit in the Philippines). Her 5 siblings' families all lost their homes and all their belongings. She and her oldest sister, Ate Myra, are hoping to go to the Philippines in January for a month to deliver supplies and to help provide support to all the people of their village Tolosa. They need our help. Because they speak   fluently all dialects as well as English, they feel they can be a real asset in rebuilding their homeland. They lost many fellow villagers, including their uncle and aunt, who have two m

13 Nov 2013: Neuroplasticity and Addiction

Jenny Morrow  is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, and has worked for the last six years helping people overcome addictions, among other things. She has been researching and incorporating ideas of neuroplasticity and how it can be helpful with day-to-day living.  Prior to opening a private practice, Jenny did therapy for ARCH (Addiction Resource Center for Healing), & Family Services in Logan. She has run groups for Youthtrack and the Family Institute. Jenny is currently a member of the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy. You can learn more about Jenny and her work  here .  Below are some links to get you thinking about addiction and the brain in preparation for our discussion: What the Bleep Do We Know Awe Brene Brown on Vulnerability

23 Oct 2013: How Anarcho-capitalism can solve many of our social and political problems

Due to an unforeseen conflict, our prior presenter is not available for this next Wednesday. We scrambled and were able to locate someone willing to present to us. Mark England mentioned to me a few months back that he felt we weren't often considering viewpoints that were contrary to what we believe or know. I had had the same thought which is one of the reasons I suggested discussing atheism.  So this month my son Aaron Griffith has graciously consented with a weeks notice to discuss a topic near and dear to his heart: Anarcho-capitalism.  After high school Aaron continued (began is how he would say it) his education non-traditionally through reading and online. He has hitchhiked with a small back-pack, staying in hostels, couch-surfing, and camping through many parts of the world. Aaron spent nearly half a year helping build fishing boats for Thai fisherman after the tsunami.  Aaron lives with his common-law wife, Lexie Reder, who has accompanied Aaron on most of h