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February 24, 2009: Voices of The Great Depression

For February's Think Again dialogue, we'll try to get a taste of life during The Great Depression and draw some lessons that have relevance to the current economic downturn. The question is not whether our experience will be "as bad," or "the same" as the 1930s, but what the voices from that time can teach us today, regardless of the severity, duration, or nature of our crisis. A few questions to consider as we prepare for the dialogue: What was gained and what was lost in that time? Who was hardest hit - women, blacks, children, white men, migrants, laborers? If all we know about that time comes from artists (writers, journalists, painters, photographers, musicians, etc.), what attention should we give to the creative chroniclers of our day? Feel free to add questions you would like to explore in the comments. The prep work includes 30 minutes of audio and 30 - 45 minutes of reading/looking at art. 1) Introduction to the book, "First-Person America