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April 18: The Realism of Modern Day Slavery and the Fight for Freedom

Discussion leader:  Lillian Martino Lillian Martino was born in Ghana, Africa and adopted by a family in the United States at age three. She is now an eighteen-year-old senior attending Wasatch High School in Heber City, Utah and will graduate in May. A lover of soccer, Lillian plays for the Black Diamond Soccer Club in Park City and was recently awarded a scholarship to play for BYU-Hawaii Women’s Soccer team this Fall. Ms. Martino is a driven young woman with a passion for fighting for freedom. She is the founder of Fahodie for Friends , a non-profit organization that combats human trafficking in Ghana. Together with the EPWA, their partnering organization, they operate a safe house in Ghana.   Fahodie for Friends envisions a world where all children have the freedom to achieve their maximum potential through education, hard work, financial independence, and healthy lives. They are working to create a world where the cycle of poverty ends, and the freedom to have produc