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March 8: The Arab Spring

Our Dialogue Group will be complimented with a special visit from Dr. Keith Martin, the Moroccan Honorary Counselor in Utah. He has done extensive academic research and business in the Arab region, including a particular focus on issues in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Lybia. A few questions I sent to him and that you might want to consider for our gathering on March 8: 1) How would you define the "Arab Spring" and what are some of the key triggers and/or inputs for this recent global shift? 2) During the past year, popular movements have brought a range of avowedly Islamist political parties to power, replacing the largely secular former regimes. In your opinion, what that will mean for the region and the world stage? 3) What are some of the reasons for the difference in the peaceful transition experienced in Morocco (in contrast, for example, with Tunisia)? 4) What ripples may be felt in the West (e.g. the USA and for US businesses or tourists) through the influence of

February 16: Is politics the new religion?

In the interest of preserving a record for posterity, here are the details of February's discussion: Discussion: Is Politics the New Religion? Led by: Dave Ward Date: Feb. 16 Time: 7:30-9:30pm Location: Mark and Elizabeth's,  1194 South 500 East in SLC Topic: Is Politics the New Religion? This topic is meant to speak provocatively to the degree to which partisan politics has become (or maybe just seems to have become) an increasingly central, defining, and emotionally invested part of Americans' lives - the lens through which many view the world and those around them. Per the 2006 Faith Matters survey, 72% of Americans believe America is divided along religious lines; 97% say the country is divided along political lines. At times it can feel like a political holy war is raging. Questions on Politics and Religion. 1. Few Americans see any religion as uniquely true. Do Americans see political ideology in a similar way? Or, do we believe that our own particular id

2012 schedule

Here is the schedule for 2012.  Please let me know if you would like to sign up for one of the available discussions. February - Is politics the new religion? - DAVE WARD March - The Arab Spring - GUEST SPEAKER April - Earth stewardship - JAY GRIFFITH May - The election process in the U.S. - MATT CONNELLY June - What is happening with men today? July - Is google making us smarter or dumber? August - What is money? - ALLISON POND September - Human trafficking/modern-day slavery – TIFFANY IVINS October - Presidential candidates and their positions November - A culture of isolation - why are we in silos? December - Quantifying happiness – HEATHER SMITH Alternate - Forgiveness and non-linear time