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Thurs., Sept. 18: Laugh 'til it helps: Pat Bagley and the value of humor in helping change cultural norms

Dialogue Leader: Pat Bagley
Thanks to Doug Smith from our group for suggesting Pat and helping arrange his happy appearance.  
Humor helps us look at and understand important issues in ways we may not otherwise. Whether political, religious, or ethic, humor helps shape our culture. And editorial cartoons are some of the most succinct, poignant and powerful forms of humor. 
Pat Bagley has been the editorial cartoonist for The Salt Lake Tribune for over 34 years. He is syndicated and his cartoons appear in over 800 newspapers. He attended BYU and served a mission to Bolivia. Today he describes himself today as "Mormon Emeritus."
STUFF TO CHEW ON:Pat didn't give me anything to post so below is what I dug up. Thanks a lot Pat! Comedy and Democracy: The Role of Humor in Social JusticeDrawing on Humor for ChangeAnatomy of a New Yorker CartoonSome of Pat's cartoons About Pat