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December 7, 2010: New Topics for 2011

Time to pick topics again! On Dec. 7 we will get together to mingle and merry-make while we discuss our topics for 2011 (think "party" more than "dialogue"). Please bring a little something tasty and festive to share with the group. Sweets or savories welcome! It would be great to have at least 25 topics to choose from. Suggest a topic as a comment on this post. Include a draft title and any questions or curiosities you have that led you to suggest the topic. For example: Tea Parties and Marijuana : Why the right stole the show in 2010. "Numbers in Nature" Mathematical patterns show up all over in nature. It would be interesting to become familiar with some of these patterns and why scientists think this happens. Left-Handers : What is up with them? Left-handed people are disproportionately represented in high-ranking political offices, corporate boardrooms, and in influential art circles. Is this just a strange coincidence or is there more there? Y