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September 7, 2010 - Depression in Utah: Unhappy in "Happy Valley"

3 discussion questions: 1. Is depression a mental illness caused by a biological/genetic chemical imbalance or by disappointment over unmet expectations? Types of depression: Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Depression, Post-Partum Depression, Dysthymia, or simple sadness and discouragement, etc. 2. Does Utah culture emphasize expectations of happiness, perfection, and wealth? Are our expectations too high? 3. Is depression in Utah caused by the LDS faith, misinterpretations of religious expectations, toxic perfectionism, real or perceived religious condemnation? Required readings: Utah is one of the happiest states, and one of the most depressed. We have the highest rate of depression but also the lowest rate of alcoholism. Is depression caused by cultural factors or something else? Depression in Utah Dr. Jack L. Jensen. Dr. Cameron R. John. Haylee Adamson. Utah Valley University. Argosy University . Utah: The Happiest or Most Depressed State? The role