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Intersex--Medical Authority, Parents, and Individual Rights

Hello all, I thought I would provide a bit of vocabulary: intersex- a broad term that can refer to several disorders related to ambiguous sexual identification. Two of the most common are Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) and Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) DSD- Disorders of Sex Development is an alternate term for intersex which has been promoted by intersex activists because of the confusion that the term "intersex" introduces with respect to gender identity. sex assignment- surgery commonly performed on intersex infants to distinguish them as male or female gonads- sex cell-producing organs, testes or ovaries androgyny- refers to those without gender-specific sexual characteristics, or sexual preferences, or gender identity, or a combination of these ISNA- Intersex Society of North America karyotype- having to do with the number and type of chromosomes etiology- causes of a disorder or disease virilization- the biological development o

January 18, 2011: Can Labor Save Us?

Topic Host: Philip Graham In 1935, at the height of economic turmoil, Congress enacted the Wagner Act (or National Labor Relations Act ). The Act allowed employees to organize collectively, which created a balancing of power, making employees and corporations "partners" in a successful economic recovery. Since the 1970s, unionization has been on the decline in the United States and apathy towards the same has risen to the point where, for example, some attribute the recent fall of the auto industry, in part, to overly powerful unions. Against this perfunctory backdrop, the question is if, in the current recession, a resurgence of unionization is the key, if not an essential, tool in rebuilding the economy. The prep materials are intentionally non-academic and brief (don’t be fooled by the number of links) because in my opinion the essence and true discourse of labor issues does not necessarily occur in an intellectual vacuum, but are reasoned and decided on shop floors, in