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July 19: Is technology making us ________ ?

This Thursday's discussion is on technology and whatever it is that it's doing to us as individuals and a society. Apparently no one can figure it out -- a slew of recent headlines on it all pose questions about whether it's making us stupid, lonely, crazy, smart, or even turning us into a different species. A few readings are below. Read what you like, and come ready to talk about your personal experiences and observations of the ongoing digital revolution.  READINGS: Is Facebook making us lonely? magazine/archive/2012/05/is- facebook-making-us-lonely/ 8930/ Is Google making us stupid? magazine/archive/2008/07/is- google-making-us-stupid/6868/ Is the Internet making us crazy? http://caffertyfile.blogs.cnn. com/2012/07/09/is-the- internet-making-us-crazy/?hpt= hp_t2 Will our kids be a different species? enriquez_will_our_kids_be_a_ different_species.html