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Tue Sept 13 2011 7:30p Wealth Redistribution

Wealth Redistribution
Facilitated by Mitch & Tiffany Spence

- Is wealth redistribution a good thing? If so, what methods of redistribution are best?
- How well does the earned-income tax credit work at redistributing wealth?
- Why has mandated wealth redistribution consistently failed over and over in history?
- What, if any, alternatives work better?

1) Warren Buffet: Stop Coddling the Super-Rich

2) The New Resentment of the Poor

3) Is the US Welfare State growing or declining?

If you prefer, here are a couple short video clips:

4) Americans' redistribution of wealth to the poor (Robert Moffitt)

5) The life you could save (Stephen Colbert)

6) Class Warfare (John Stewart)