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10 Dec 2013: Gratitude, Giving, and Wondering

This month we invite you to come and share what you are grateful for at this juncture in your life. We will start off with Mitch and Tiffany Spence sharing what they are grateful for as well as relating the history of this illustrious group called Think Again that they founded in Boston many years ago.

'Tis the season as they say. Tiffany's first LDS mission companion, Lalaine Calda, is from Leyte (in Tacloban District, which was hardest hit in the Philippines). Her 5 siblings' families all lost their homes and all their belongings. She and her oldest sister, Ate Myra, are hoping to go to the Philippines in January for a month to deliver supplies and to help provide support to all the people of their village Tolosa. They need our help.

Because they speak fluently all dialects as well as English, they feel they can be a real asset in rebuilding their homeland. They lost many fellow villagers, including their uncle and aunt, who have two missionaries serving in the Philippines. They are hoping to also find people to help support these missionaries since their parents were killed in the typhoon. See links below for pictures and stories

In addition, please come prepared to suggest and even take charge of a topic for one of the months next year. Being in charge doesn't mean you have to present. You can invite a speaker or facilitator. Also, look at your calendars to help pick the best day and week in a month to meet. Think! Think!

Please join us. We’d be grateful and more thoughtful if you did. 

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