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Friday, March 17 | Finding Your Zen In Polarized Politics and Religion


Dialogue leader: Thomas McConkie

Mark & Elizabeth England's home at 1194 South 500 East in Salt Lake City.
Late-comers, please use the back door. 

Whether your attention is drawn to the toxic climate of U.S. politics, or your sights are set closer to home on the significant social issues facing Mormonism, never before have there been so many strident and differing viewpoints competing in the same space. 
What if we could hold our stories more lightly, though? What if we could find a space within ourselves expansive enough to hold all these divergent views with both courage and compassion?
Join us for a walk on the contemplative side at our March Think Again. Lifelong meditator and facilitator, Thomas McConkie, will guide a process to help bring greater clarity to your convictions as well as a deeper humility to allow others to do the same.
For times that feel increasingly insane, finding your Zen in thoughtful community could be just the tonic.

About Thomas:
Thomas is the author of Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis, a book that radically reframes faith crisis as a natural cycle in spiritual growth. He currently serves as Faculty at Pacific Integral where he researches adult development and leads retreats  with a focus on transformative learning. He has been practicing mindfulness and other meditative techniques for almost 20 years and lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.