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Thursday, April 20 | What a Physicist has to Say About Earth Day

Dialogue leader: Dr. Robert Davies

Physicist/Research & Education Associate, Utah State University

Mark & Elizabeth England's
1194 South 500 East in Salt Lake City.
Late-comers, please use the back door. 

We live in the an age in which humans have become the single biggest force for change throughout Earth’s biosphere. The Anthropocene is a time of planetary climate disruption and the Sixth Great Extinction. Across oceans, atmosphere and land; water, life and ice humanity is engaged in a wholesale dismantling of our life support system.

Clearly, recycling and listening to TED talks is not enough. But what is enough?  And how can each of us move forward with any hope for meaningful action? The engines of destruction are strong ― so strong, says activist and deep ecologist  Joanna Macy, “they’re hard to look at!” And so tonight we explore: What is the mindset that moves us forward… and how do we find this mindset? 

About Dr. Davies:
Dr. Robert Davies is a physicist and public interest communicator whose work focuses on synthesizing a broad range of sustainable systems science―including climate, energy, food, and economics. He is also co-creator of The Crossroads Project, a performance art and communication project weaving together information, imagery and music to effect more visceral communication of the challenges ahead. Dr. Davies is adjunct professor in Utah State University’ Department of Plants, Soils and Climate and a past Associate of the Utah Climate Center. He has taught on the faculty of three universities; worked as project scientist for Utah State University’s Space Dynamics Laboratory; as technical liaison for NASA’s International Space Station project; and served as an officer and meteorologist in the United States Air Force.

Stuff to explore:
The Anthropocene ― a website that’s part of a new film project from Edward Burtynsky. The assignment is to spend 20 minutes exploring the website.

Robert Davies is a primary architect of this very illuminating and high quality artistic endeavor: The Crossroads Project. Besides the videos and NPR piece, take time to explore the submenus. Lot's of valuable information.

Here is an iPhone recording of our evening with Dr. Robert Davies.
Really an excellent discussion and worth sharing with those who are wondering if we should be concerned about climate change and if there is any thing to be done that will help. 


  1. Please consider making our community stronger and healthier by joining us for a fun Earth Day Project on the morning of Saturday, 22 April. Info and registration here...

  2. There is no a link to a recording of this event at the bottom of the page. Worth listening to.


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